On the Easel

 On the Easel! Finishing touches are going onto this forest of  rustling leaves.  They are each 20 x 20" and would showcase best in floater frames.  They like hanging out together, but could also be separated (as long as they could see each other!)

Drop by Dilworth Artisan Station for a look-see.

In the same vein, these larger, 30 x 30"  works are not too far behind. They prefer to go frameless if you don't mind:

They continue the series "Six Gentlemen". More of this series can be viewed at Awaken Gallery in Mt. Holly, NC.

And lastly,   20" x 20" "She's Been Told Not To Swim In the Bayou"  

This (right) is the small Gouache study with collage elements when I couldn't QUITE get the color right.

And below, in case you missed her, the heroine of our story.

I'm working on the second part of this ominous moment now.
Come by the studio to see how the saga continues.......


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