Quick Draws, Flash Dance and Krispy Kreme

I had the unbelievable good fortune to be juried into the High Point Paint Out for the second year.  This was a highlight of last year, and 2015 even exceeded  expectations!

The event begins with a Thursday afternoon "Quick Paint".  With a limited amount of time, artists complete a painting, frame it, and turn it in for judging. We had 3 hours to complete.  I set up across from the gorgeous JH Adams Inn and set my sites toward a couple of buildings with house painters 'sprucing' things up.

A newspaper photographer captured me, looking all intent, with my Flash Dance t- shirt (you oldsters remember the cut- out necks?  Well, I still sport the look)

Mr. Bill Helms, a HighPoint resident (and a graduate of Ringling,) kept me company for part of the time.

Mr. Helms brought me luck, it seems.  My painting later won the " Best Quick Paint" award!!! Whoop, whoop!!

Another High Point of High Point (see what I did there?) was the chance to spend the weekend with my good buddy and painter extraordinaire,  Diane Pike.

One night,  after a long day of painting, the two of us dragged our tired bodies out to complete just one more painting.  A nocturnal beneath the glow of Krispy Kreme Donuts signage. .  We neglected to think through the 
Fading light (duh.) and we painted wildly for about 45 minutes in virtual darkness. It was only the next morning that I decided I really liked what happened (as opposed to 'what I did'.  This painting was flying blind!)

A doctor and his wife purchased this explaining,"as unhealthy as it is, we want to have a series of Krispy Kreme paintings in our kitchen"

Other paintings found homes, including:


Many thanks to the Art supporters of High Point!
And especially to Julie Delgadio and her army of volunteers!


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