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Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places

Through A Handsome Salesman’s Eyes:  Portrait of Emile Zola Edouard Manet, ‘Portrait of Emile Zola’, 1868. Oil on canvas Looking For love in all the Wrong Places I once thought I found my soul-mate in a textbook salesman.  This handsome fellow stood in my office doorway, chatting about all things art and textbook selection. Our musings ranged from Frank Sinatra, Italy, Mardi Gras, Boz Scaggs (really? you’re a fan too???), Indian food, Fairfield Porter to tabasco sauce.   It seemed our interests perfectly aligned! I looked forward to every visit and maybe, just maybe, a life-time of free book samples. Then one day, after a particularly lively conversation, I swiveled around and faced my cluttered bulletin board.  It was all there.  The art postcards, concert stubs, menus…laid out like a friggin’ road map. Don’t laugh. I am not the only one to lay it all out there on an office wall.  Another to tell his story in public was Edouard Manet in his bulletin board biography of a painting, Portr…

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