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Paris Unpacked

I'm back.

I'm glad to be back with Tom, in my own house and big shower after being away for so long.   I'm glad to have a choice of shoes to wear. Really.  I am.  It was a glorious month in Paris (plus bonus week in Belgium).

But I want to go back to Paris. I mean it. Like,  tomorrow.

Yes. Glad to be back.  Pissed it's over.

Mostly, though, I am thankful for every minute of it.
 I happily remember and I'm grateful for the moments I stood in beautiful parks, near rivers, small villages and city streets to capture the colors and moods of this wonderful city! September was a month of full days, rich nights, laughter, friends, endless art-making or art-thinking and Paris (!). I'm thankful for the 91-steps high apartment, my fellow travelers and my new friends. I miss it all and I do, absolutely, know how lucky I am.

Paris Day Break  It was our first morning in Paris. (Me, wearing layers of all the clothes I packed: I'm freezing my butt off here!! It was 100 de…

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