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Waking The Beast

"Currently, my machines are black and sometimes gentle, if not sexy or exuding a contained violence; I finally found the technical means for accomplishing this." Jean Tinguely

It’s time Jean Tinguely and I had a chat.  We pass in in the lobby but until now, well,  he don’t know me like that. 

But first, I should  explain why that conversation is overdue.
For many years, when in downtown Charlotte,  I ritualistically made my way to the Carillon Building on Trade St. There, scrap metal swims in an ice-white marble aquarium. It is Jean Tinguely’s 40-foot-tall kinetic beauty, Cascade

Pulleys and 15 motors guide a whirl of lights and found-art over a turbulent pool of water.  The whole Rube Goldberg affair combines Tinguely's son-of-a-factory-mechanic's aesthetic, he called metamechanics, with bits of Charlotte's history. 

 Amongst the commotion swings wheels, a tractor seat (a souvenir from our agricultural days) and a Ferrari hood .   A lion's head  (formerly the Ch…

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