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Hat Trick

Goya's Hat.  This 36" x 36" painting is part of a chandelier series. 
The title comes from the the late 1700's self portrait of Francisco de Goya.  It shows him in his  outrageous candle hat. The  hat's invention derived from his practice of completing artworks in 10 hour sessions. Finishing at nightfall, he insisted on adding the last touches by the mystical light of candles. I've always loved his self portrait (below), but Goya and his hat came to life for me after discovering this poem by  American poet Billy Collins.

CANDLE HAT In most self-portraits it is the face that dominates: Cezanne is a pair of eyes swimming in brushstrokes,
Van Gogh stares out of a halo of swirling darkness,
Rembrant looks relieved as if he were taking a breather
from painting The Blinding of Sampson.

But in this one Goya stands well back from the mirror
and is seen posed in the clutter of his studio
addressing a canvas tilted back on a tall easel.

He appears to be smiling out at us…

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