Paris and Ibuprofen

The packing-crazy-packing begins. Craziness that must consider a month in Paris, and a week in Belgium.

I love most everything about travel.  Even those stresses most people dread. Airports.  Missing trains. After all, my best stories begin with "And then I got lost....."

I even enjoy the fretting over the puzzle of packing.   I could have written a smutty novel in the time I spent moving face creams and shampoos to smaller containers.  Only to then hog valuable  real estate with a painting umbrella that I won't use.

 If I weren't a painter (I had a tough time even saying those words) I feel sure I would be able to travel for months from a Harris Teeter green reusable shopping bag.  But if I weren't a painter, I think I'd choose to be a drunk. Travel or packing wouldn't concern me from my bar stool where I would be very popular for my stories about my drunken antics the other night in the very bar that I never wandered from.  My hair would be long and stringy.  My humor would be mean and cynical. I would scare people a little.  I'd show people pictures from my iPhone....

But sober, my repeated mantra  is: less clothes, more painting supplies! 

Fortunately we are traveling to a city scattershot with art supply stores.  During my last visit to the cramped aisles of  Sennelier Art Supply Store , I fell hard for the Picasso Blue Pastel developed just for the artist.   I also fell hard for the handsome white-haired (think Sam Elliot) proprietor, Mr. Sennelier, the grandson of the man who developed that Blue.  The relationship did not go past the front doors but, wow. I sure hope he is still there.  I like Blue.

Partner-in-paint-crime, Diane Pike and I have challenged each other to complete a-painting-a-day.  Many of those paintings will likely consist of views from the 6th Arrondissment. We will head out daily from a stunning apartment shared with 5 other artists and dear friends:  Olive Stack, Emily Andress, Diane Pike, Pam Goode and Laura McRae Hitchcock.

The month culminates with a Pop-Up Show in the Louvre!!!!!

Uh.... I meant near the Louvre. Whatever.

The time before a trip is a bit of a no-man's land.  All my projects are tied up and now I'm just anticipating.  I'm having a tad bit of anxiety about some knee arthritis that is rearing it's irascible head. But a lot of ibuprofen and a little denial will take me to Paris and beyond!

It WILL fit!!!
I hope you will join me on this trip as I post irregular paintings irregularly.   À bientôt !


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