C'est ne pas une blog

Me NOT writing a blog.  With Olive Stack who is also NOT writing a blog

Photo by lovely Australian man, Robert Simmons
So......the idea was...this blog would act as a daily journal while I'm in Paris.  My peeps and my 4 loyal blog followers could have regular updates with witty insights on French life.  You would share in some of the wonderful food and wine I'm sampling here,  revel in the art and architecture around every corner.

But I haven't written a word.

Here's what happened instead.   My fellow artists (Pam Goode, Laura McRae Hitchcock, Olive Stack, Emily Andress, Diane Pike) and I have been greedily drinking in every sight, sound and taste.  We paint every morning, walk miles under the Paris night lights, laugh, eat and drink.  We go to local figure drawing sessions and later have coffee with the other artists.  We distribute invitations to our POP-Up Show on September 23. (45 Rue de l'Arbre Sec, if you are in the neighborhood).  And all this in only our first week.

Today we spent hours in Musee D'Orsay and left only because we promised to return next week. We sat in a cafe and debated the virtues of Bordeaux wine(is blanc or rouge better?).

I've painted daily street scenes in our St Germain neighborhood, but what I haven't done is write  a blog.

Tomorrow, I will post some of the paintings, but I may not write a blog.  Apologies.


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