Redbeans and Rice

Among the neighborhood views I painted while on the island was the obligatory Tybee Lighthouse. (Read below for explanation for why it is not showing up on your browser)

While on location that day, after forgetting my ho-hum lunch of yogurt and string cheese in the fridge, I did have a good excuse for ordering red beans and rice at the nearby Northbeach Grill.  An homage to My Cajun Mom.  Then, whaddyaknow, two guys with Saints t-shirts came by to chat.

These are 8x10 painted on a mid tone cardboard (but archival) surface.  Email me, painter friends who want to know more about this.

The brown corners are where my clips landed. 😊 

While working on this smaller (6 x 8) work, I met Billy, the hairdresser/ artist whose yard I was standing in. No one here seems to mind my blatant trespassing. 

I also met Espy who told me about a deceased island painter, Ann Jackson. He suggested I see her work at the Beach View Inn. 

Post script:  after posting the lighthouse painting, I decided, I JUST DID NOT LIKE it.  And so deleted.  Oh well.  At least I got redbeans.


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