Fitz Us Fine

"Fitz Us Fine"
2nd Avenue, Tybee Island

I had a lovely birthday celebration at the very fancy smancy " Grey" in Savannah the night before painting this. The restaurant was located in a former greyhound bus station and everything about it is distinctive and delicious. Especially the gin gimlet. Who knew I liked gin gimlets?

So the next day when I set up to paint, I was feeling the heat and I think some sweat may have literally mixed in with the oil on this one. But after getting started, the renter of the house, a very nice gentleman who had wondered "why was I staring at their house!?" came out to quench his curiosity. He was delightful and offered for me to take a quick tour of the cottage. (Insert note here:  For some reason, while I am painting, I often get offers to come inside peoples' homes.  This makes Tom cringe, but I love seeing the layout and design of these old Tybee houses). It was charming!! Spacious with a salt water pool in the back.  

Later the wife (they were there on a family reunion with their kids and grandkids), came out to see....then the granddaughter.....

Then, after such a fun morning of being part of their vacation (ha), they purchased the painting.
I joked about my husband wishing I wouldn't go inside homes.  The son said "I understand, we wish our father would stop inviting people in!"

I like it so much, I will paint it again on my next trip!


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