Unwrap Some Tuscany

It seems most people I meet, often in my age bracket, no longer seek out the perfect "thing" to give or receive  as gifts.  They are either trying to downsize and purge what they already have, or tend to go ahead and purchase that electronic  device when the upgrade demands!

More and more, it is experiences and memories we  seek. In the past, I've gifted cooking classes, dinners out, or weekend getaways (that's with me going along, of course.  See what I did there?).

So go ahead....gift yourself this adventure!

Painting in Tuscany


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  2. Can you please provide more information on this subject? BTW your blog is great. Cheers.
    A Painting for Syria

    1. Rosy,
      PLEASE forgive me for this late response! I'd love for you to join me...not too late to register: http://www.ilchiostro.com/workshops/landscape-painting-in-tuscany/
      A fantastic experience...great food, wine and art! please email me if you have any questions.. jeancauthen@yahoo.com
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog.


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