a last glimpse

My last sweet 8x10" glimpse of Italy. Even planes, trains and automobiles, bleary early morning taxi rides, travel hangovers cannot blur the glow of Tuscany.

Just touching down to earth after 6 "brilliant" weeks of sky-high experiences in Ireland and Italy.  Both full of painting, love, laughter, food, more painting, Guiness, wine, more laughter---really simply the biggest, best ever!!

Now the recharging of batteries begins. And I don't mean my devices­čśť

But soon. Very soon. I know I'll  be planning that next adventure.

And that's just because I'm De Ette's daughter. And that's what we do.

From my overflowing heart, thank you Olive Stack, Ilchiostro, Laura McRae Hitchcockand each of the amazing life travelers  I have met along the way. You are unforgettable to this little painter.


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