Long Island Days

Just returning from a wonderful weekend of painting with instructor, Tim Horn.  His workshop focused on clear separation of lights/darks, warms/cools.  This is his first demo done right behind the First Street Gallery who sponsored the class.

After a morning of instruction and demonstrations, we set out around the quaint (really, look up quaint in the dictionary and Greenport appears!) town to try on Tim's painting approach.  Below are some of my 1-2 hour paintings:

The above 9 x 12 unfinished pieces were done on the one rainy day from photos provided by Tim.

 I arrived early one morning after dropping Tom off for a day of fishing.  This was a 6 x 8" sketch done in an hour.  The old boatyard had endless subject matter!

This crazy complicated subject I selected (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??) was fun to tackle.  I feel here I was 'gettting' Tim's principles and also merging with my looser brushstrokes.  In the background, a coastal bar's D.J. was playing hits from the eighties.  Sunny day, tunes, paint.  All was right with the world.


  1. Jean, I came across your blog because you had the keywords "Painting and Travel". Love your paintings.
    My wife Sarah and I have a PBS television series called "Painting and Travel" so we like the same things.
    Roger Bansemer


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